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Calling everyone to the table.

23 years ago I gave someone a gift. 

I had completely forgotten about this gift and just the other day I received a photo of it.

It was my very first ‘fresco’. I painted it at 20 years old in Italy where I learned the traditional art form of painting on wet plaster.

My niece to whom I gifted it as a newborn, expressed her gratitude for it and for the heartfelt words I had written on the back of the relief. It came as a reminder to me of the lasting impact every person’s creativity no matter what shape or form, can have on another. In this case, 23 years later, the gift of painting and words was still very much appreciated. It also made me realise that over the years creativity has always been at the heart of everything I do; I parent creatively, work creatively and find joy in playing with different ‘out of the box’ ideas. 

What I would really love to see however, is more people doing the same. Because you see most people, myself included, are interested in everything but cookie cutters. 

So I’m calling out…

Bring your true selves to the table. 

Be bold and brave enough to dip into your own creativity and weave it into your everyday work and play. You may bring in something new that could spark the next idea, path or success. It may be a new process, business strategy or an approach with clients. 

Brainstorm with others, be open to their views, encourage them as well as embrace your own. Some ideas may be awkward, some a flop. But this will eventually transpire and bring the ‘genius’ of you, your business and it’s people to surface. Then you can communicate your message authentically and make meaningful connections with your audience through immersive content and targeted marketing.

And this is when the real magic happens…

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