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Easy Tiger.

Sometimes we only get one shot at making the right decision and we need to make it fast.

It may be a decision relating to our career, a client or someone in our personal lives. Regardless, how do we ensure that we walk away knowing we did our best at a particular point in time? 

We slow down. As humans, we can get so caught up in ‘going fast’ that we don’t realise the importance of ‘going slow’ to go further. Our rational left brain tells us that we’re wasting time, however…

Slowing down allows us to reflect…

Reflecting brings us clarity…

Clarity enables us to respond, not react…

And responding leads to good decisions which lead to outcomes that are aligned with what we want to achieve. It helps us remain focused on the end result, not the urgency, hence minimising the risk of paying for a ‘wrong’ decision at the other end.

This is not a waste of time. This is an efficient use of time. 

The tiger does not always run around furiously seeking their prey. There is quiet time before the pounce. So go easy tiger, think before you leap.

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