Real estate Copywriter Melbourne | Sandra LoGiudice
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When the junior in the office just doesn’t cut it.

Copywriting for real estate. Property billboard

8/10 people read the headline, 2/10 read the copy.*

We’ve all seen these headlines in real estate. In fact, most of us have seen them over and over again. So now it’s time for a change. Excite your target audience and turn that 2/10 into a 10/10 with engaging copy that will make them stop, notice your company and read all about what you have to say. Don’t let your audience walk away after reading another dull, repetitious headline.

Because you see, if they don’t read the copy, you haven’t delivered your message. If you haven’t delivered your message, you won’t get the desired response. If you’re not getting the desired response, chances are you have lost your reader somewhere along the way. That is the loss of a potential client, business lead, buyer or seller. This is where I come in.

From feasibilities and construction to marketing and styling, my experience spans across all areas of property. This solid and complete understanding about the industry leads to insightful writing that will engage the right audience, deliver your message and realise your desired outcome.